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Happy New Year 2020!

On behalf of the Gallivanting Gastronome, I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year 2020! While I didn’t get started as quickly as planned, with the website and YouTube channel, 2020 promises to be an incredible year! I have already planned out numerous places to visit, eat, and film […]


Check Out Our New YouTube Channel

Another major part of The Gallivanting Gastronome will be videos which capture my epicurean adventures. I will be sharing those videos on our brand new YouTube channel. The channel, surprisingly enough, is also called The Gallivanting Gastronome. The very first video was posted there last night. I encourage you to […]


Welcome to The Gallivanting Gastronome

Welcome to my new website, The Gallivanting Gastronome! As a person who loves both traveling and eating, I am combining the two and will be going on epicurean adventures, that I will be sharing with you here, as well as on my new YouTube channel. Food is going to be […]